Can Old London Still Beat Today’s Lagos? Photos of London 1920 vs Lagos 2024

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London as we know it is one of the most expensive and beautiful cities out there so far. The tower bridge located in London is about 125 years old and it’s one of the oldest standing bridges so far. London was civilized even before the name of Nigeria came into existence.

Lagos on the other hand is a megacity in Nigeria, it was once the capital city of Nigeria until it was taken over by Abuja. Lagos is the highest populated city in Nigeria so far and it’s crowned with lots of industries, and many business organizations in Nigeria have their headquarters in Lagos. Nigeria is only 60 years old, counting from the time of their independence, so take that in mind too before you compare.

Today we are going to see pictures of the city of London back in 1920 and that of Lagos as of 2024. We are going to compare them and see which one’s the most beautiful and glorious. Can ancient London still be more beautiful than today’s Lagos? That’s what we are about to find out now.

Street of London back in 1920

Colorized street of London 1920

Street of Lagos 2024

Area overview of London 1920

Area overview of Lagos 2024

Which one is the most beautiful and awesome among them, drop your thoughts down below in the comment section and follow me for more updates…..See More

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