7 Set Of Nigerians That Think They Have Made It In Life(Photos)

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1) Front seat passengers in Commercial buses; These particular set of people feels on top of the world whenever they seat in front of commercial bus.You see them placing one of their arms on top of the vehicle’s window.


2)WhatsApp Group Admin ; Lol, you dare not insult or offend any WhatsApp group admin if you still wants to be part of the group otherwise they remove you.

3) Youth Corpers.

4) People that work in Bank; Don’t pray your bank account have an issue,Bank workers including bank security will take your time when you approach them with problems.

5) Nigerian with fake British ascents; these is often common among Nigerians that try to show off

6) People that snap with white guys; These particular set of people are always seen updating their Facebook or WhatsApp status.

7) People that wear face shield;


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