Have You Ever Wondered How TV and Radio Stations Make Money? Here is how

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1. Advertisement – the most widely recognized way. Television and radio broadcasts sell rights to advertise products to certain companies for certain shows. organizations to promote their items and administrations. They additionally offer the option to support certain projects so organizations get noticeable publicizing previously, during and after well known projects.

2. Subscriptions- some TV stations are just accessible to watchers who pay a subscription to watch them, For example Here in Nigeria Many of us Pay Subscriptions to watch our Decoders Like DSTV, GOTV, Startimes and other TV service Providers, who in turn pay the TV channel we have paid to View.

3. Selling their programmes- TV and radio broadcast Stations that make their own projects offer them to different stations in different nations. They likewise offer more seasoned projects(programmes or movies)to different stations to show after the first station concludes it is not, at this point worth demonstrating rehashes on their own station. In the USA this is alluded to as partnership.

4. Government financing – in certain nations certain stations are either completely or mostly subsidized by the legislature, straightforwardly or by implication. The most Visible instance of this is the UK’s BBC.sponsored by the British Government……See More

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