Poverty Is Bad, See The Photos Of McOluomo & Saheed Osupa When They Were Poor & After They Made It

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The idea that money is the root of all evil or its variant “The love of money is the root of all evil” are a moral assumption many of us have grown up with. It is embedded deep within the mainstream view that most people have absorbed and hold as their own to some degree without conscious consideration or reasoned argument.

The necessity for money can not be overemphasized as it enables us to have the basics (at minimum) of what we need to survive. The better we are at earning, saving, growing, and protecting our money, the chances are greater that we will have a more comfortable lifestyle and ultimately a more powerful, influential, and significant impact on our families and the people we come in contact with every day.

In this publication, we shall be looking at two prominent gladiators when it comes to great personalities in Nigeria, in person of McOluomo and Saheed Osupa, When they’re poor and after their transformation.


Musiliu Ayinde Akinsanya, fondly known as MC Oluomo. He hailed from Agbo Ile Atere in Oshodi and was born there on 14 March, 1975. This man is more popular in the Nollywood sector because of his proximity to the thespians in the industry

Presently in the transportation industry of Nigeria, more precisely Lagos State, McOluomo is a force to reckon with as he’s one of the prominent leaders both at the National level and state level. This is a man that successfully defines NURTW as an independent Nigerian trade union which will serves the interests of transport workers in the road transport sector, by calling for collective obtaining and pushing for social stability for all workers in the transport sector.

Saheed Òṣùpá

Akorede Babatunde Okunola is popularly known as Saheed Osupa or King Saheed Osupa (K.S.O). He was born on August 7, 1969. This Hip Fuji Creator is also popular when it comes to the Nollywood industry.

He hailed from Mosafejo area of Ajegunle, Lagos State but spent all his childhood at Ibadan. He can be described as his father’s Heir simply because his father whose name is Moshood Ajiwere Layeye was a music artist and also one of his elder cousin of Fuji musician Ayinde Barrister.

The fact is this two are already on top of their career today but they started somewhere. Obviously, it was a tough one growing up for the two of us them. The reality is they’ve made it at least to a point where they can boastfully say “our past was worst but it’s better now”

Hence, the following are the pictures of McOluomo and Saheed Òṣùpá When they were still poor and nobody in the society.

My final verdict is, don’t give on yourself, don’t give up on your dreams, keep fighting hard, keep pushing hard, one day, the table will turn and it’ll be your turn to celebrate……See More

Poverty Is Bad, See The Photos Of McOluomo & Saheed Osupa When They Were Poor & After They Made It

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