He Carried A Bible Instead Of A Gun In World War II, Yet He Saved 75 Soldiers

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Everyone knows that every soldier in the military is armed with a gun when they go to battle, both for their own safety and because of the nature of the mission. On the battlefield, a soldier carrying a Holy Bible instead of a pistol would seem ridiculous.

During World War II, a man who bore a Bible instead of a pistol survived, and despite not having a gun, he rescued over 75 soldiers for his side in the US army. Desmond Thomas Doss, a devout Christian who was born on February 7, 1919, to a Christian family who attended the Seventh Day Adventist, a Sabbath church, served as a corporal in the United States Army during World War II. This is how his mother raised him.

Doss served in the United States military as a corporal during World War II. He did what no other soldier on the planet could do during the battle. Doss was a devout Christian who refused to kill anybody, even his combatants. He refused to be armed with a gun or any other firearm, and he never left the battlefield even if he didn’t have one. Later in his military career, he became a military medic and saved the lives of over 75 soldiers for the US army.

Doss saved the lives of several injured soldiers in an open firefight, he was wounded in the process, but he never ran for cover; he was injured, but he still rescued and treated the injured. Desmond is a character in the movie Desmond During his service in the US military during World War II, Thomas Doss was wounded four times during a fight in the Okinawa region.

A sniper bullet fractured his left arm. He was also seriously wounded after accidentally stepping on an explosive. Doss was awarded the Medal of Honor, two bronze star stars, and a purple heart for his bravery. He was a devout Christian who declined to battle his foes or take up weapons. And though he was shot at, he did not retaliate by firing back, instead of devoting himself to saving those who were hurt and in need of help.

He was the most greatest man the world had ever seen. Desmond died at the age of 87 on March 23, 2006. Despite having health problems, some of which were caused by his World War II injuries, he lived a long life. His story is a central theme in the film Hacksaw Ridge.

What have you learned as a reader from Desmond Thomas Doss’s short story? Being a Christian soldier with a pure heart committed to military service in order to save rather than take lives. Is it possible for you to be like him, or have you met someone who would risk his life for the sake of others…..S££ MOR£

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