I Lost My Husband Last Year, Finally Found A Man To Marry But Wants That My Children To Have His Name Instead Of My Late Husband

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lost my husband last year, finally found a man to marry but wants that my children to have his name instead of my late husband

Actually, Am happy, at last i I’ve finally found someone who accepts me even though i got kids, he is richer & provides I & my kids every need, above all shows me so much love even more than my late husband did, the truth is, I feel more comfortable with this man. He even open up a supermarket for me. He asked to marry me in which I have accepted, but now, am disturbed on the fact that he asked to marry me on the condition that we remove my late husband’s name from my children’s names & replace it with his own,

I have tried talking to him to wait so that, I consult my people first because my late husband had fully paid my dowry. But, he insist we shouldn’t inform them & that he has people in the government who can quickly switch the names without any delays.

Actually, I don’t know what else to do, i dont want to loose him. I’m 33 years old with 3kids. Age 4 a girl and 2year-old twin boys. What if i don’t find another man to marry me. I’m still a young woman whom also deserves a sweet love life. I also see that, changing the names is of no big deal since we are getting married to make one big family.….S££ MOR£



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