I Respect The Hair Stylist After What She Did To This Woman Hair (Photos)

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There is nothing more painful than having hair loss as a woman, they are many things that can make the hair come out for instance cancer, stress,

I came across pictures of a woman’s hair transmission and I must say that the results left me impressed with the hairstylist that made the hairstyle, Alopecia or more.

In the pictures, a beautiful woman is seen with what looks like a hair loss problem and I think that not many stylists can work with such hair because it requires time and skill, I was impressed with what the stylist did.

The client wanted braids but this means that they will be few and not look good, but the hairstylist came up with a plan that saved the day, she starts with cornrows at the front and uses a needle and thread and nail to install the braids.

She then plaits normal braids at the back she finished it by using gel to make baby hair, this is a job well done. That’s the end....S££ MOR£

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