I’m Threatened By Evil Pastors Because Of This Powerful Gift

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Some hours ago Tuko news aired the story of a Kenyan lady, who talked about a powerful spiritual gift which she posseses. Her name is Esther Kendi who is a charity worker and a preacher of the gospel. She was born in Meru county and she is the second born in a family of three children. She said that when she was born, she came as a gift to the family and everything started going well.

When she was around four years, she would see people passing around her and she never knew they were spirits. She was a weird child and people started thinking she was possessed, because of she was behaving. When she was six years she started seeing visions and she would see what would happen in future. She started getting threats from some people who were coming in spirit form and she was very young to understand all that.

When in highschool she started receiving threats from people in spiritual world and she was always fighting hard against those people. It was also very easy to Astral project herself and she would roam around like a spirit. When she grew up she wouldn’t even go to churches with evil pastors, because she would see the evil behind their success in ministry. The pastors are always threatening her, but she believes that she is more powerful than them.

Now that she is an adult, she is able to control her gift and she is using it to help people. She added that she has been offered different gifts to start helping people in an evil way, but she want to serve God…..S££ MOR£

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