My Husband Was Selling Me To Other Men, I Will Never Get Married Again – Lady Críes Out

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Some hours ago Tuko news aired the story of a Kenyan lady who talked about her life in marriage and why she doesn’t want to get married again. Her name is Elmina Leona who was born and raised in Bunyore. They were raised by her grandmother who is their father’s mother after her parents parted ways. The grandmother struggled to raise them and they were unable to go to school well.

Later she moved to Mombasa to live with her aunt but unfortunately her life got very tough. She pleaded to be taken back to her grandmother’s home which she did without hesitation. After sometime she went to live in kitale with her another aunt and that was where she met a man who decided to love her. Unfortunately the man was dirty minded and he started selling her to other men for them to get money.

That happened for sometime and she told his mother who was very angry. She left her child with the mother-in-law and she went to look for a job. She started working in a hotel where she met another man and she thought he would be different. The second husband was having multiple women in his life and he never cared about anything. He infected her several times to a point she gave up on him.

She met another man and they agreed to marry each other. She got pregnant for him, and they planned to go to their home. Later the man failed to turn up at the last minute and she was left confused on what to do. She never talked with the man again and she decided to live her life alone. She said as a result of all that she is not ready to try marriage again and she is concentrating on raising her two children…..S££ MOR£

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