They Ruined My Life In One Night” HIV Positive Lady Painfully Narrates How She Contracted HIV/AIDs

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Some hours ago Tuko news Kenya shared the story of a Kenyan lady who talked about her life and how she was contracted with HIV/AIDs which ruined her life till today. According to her, they were living a good life as a family until one morning when her mother left home and never came marking 15 years today.

After her mother left, the father stayed for a short time and he moved in with his mistress and she was always disagreeing with him. The father was a government official and everytime they went to report him for neglecting them nothing would go through since authorities always sided with him. She was not taken to college and the father told her to work and Educate herself.

She went ahead and said in 2010 their house was raided one fateful night by four robbers who stole almost everything. Two of them raped her while she was a virgin and she had no one to talk to. She stayed in the house for more than one week and she didn’t go to seek treatment and she couldn’t even walk as a result of pain and trauma.

After one week their Aunt visited her and after realizing she was raped she took her to hospital. She was asked to go back after tree months to be tested. Before she could go back to hospital the father found her a job and she had to be tested. After going to hospital it was realized that she was HIV positive. She was counselled for some hours and the news were broken to her.

She was stuck and shocked. She went to different hospitals and all the time it turned positive. She said the only time she had intimacy was when she was raped and it was automatic they had infected her. That was when her life turned and she didn’t see any need to continue living with the disease. She went home crying and told her father that she was not going for the recruitment.

The father was very mad and he chased her out of his house. She came to accept that she was HIV positive after four years and that was when she went for medication although she never followed the medication. She blamed her father all that time because all started because if his neglect and chasing away their mother.

The father came to find out later after he saw ARVs bottle and he asked about it. The father told her that he had friends who are positive and they very healthy and working well. From that time the father changed and became supportive to her and her siblings. After sometime she met a man who proposed to her and he couldn’t believe that she was positive. She wanted the man to love her since he was already negative.

The man was ready to marry her that way and it shocked her. They got married in 2015 and they had a baby and the man didn’t take any PREP or any protective. She was taking the medication very well and it was now undetectable and in 2018 they started having problems in the marriage.

The husband met some friends in Mombasa and he said that he didn’t want to be married again. He said that he wanted to enjoy his youth life and she had nothing to say about it. They divorced in 2020 and she is struggling with life alone and her child. She send a message to people who test people with eyes where she told everyone to take care if themselves.

She went ahead and said even with HIV they can give birth to healthy babies like her and the husband can remain negative since when it is undetectable it can’t be transmittable….S££ MOR£

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