At 40 We Are Not Damaged Goods, We Also Need Men” Women At 40 Years Talk About Their Lives

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If you are a social media user you must have come across Lynn Ngugi show which talks about life experiences as well as giving Kenyans platforms with am aim of enlightening the society. Some hours ago she interviewed three women who are forty years old and above and they are still dating where they talked about dating when a bit older.

According to them, they said most of the times they come from broken marriages and they make decisions of raising children first and enjoying life later. They said that they know their value and they want men who are kings and not men who are weak. They made it clear that when dating they don’t come as a liability which can make the man feel like he is doing them a favour but instead they come to compliment the man.

They also said that they don’t allow men who don’t want their children since for a man to love them he should also love their children since they are part of them. If a man dares talk negatively about their children they perceive that as a red flag that the man isn’t ready to love them. According to them one of the advantages of dating at 40 is that you don’t have insecurities about yourself such how you look or what you can do and they can handle break-up very well.

They concluded that they can’t provide for a man and they are always looking for a man who can provide for them to make the marriage work. They said if they start providing for the man they will control him and a man also feels strong when he is providing for the family. They therefore made it clear that a man should do what is ought to be done by a man and they will do what they should do which include respecting the husband, cooking for him and being submissive.

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