Meet 3 Married Men Who Got Pregnant And Gave Birth For Their Wives (Photos)

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No longer is childbearing restricted to women. When a few men became pregnant and gave birth to children of their own, they made headlines throughout the world. Check out three male celebs who became pregnant and gave birth to children.

1. Thomas Beatie

The fact that Thomas Beatie was the world’s first man to have children makes him famous. Since he was born a girl, Thomas has been identified as transsexual. In the wake of Amber Beatie’s pregnancy, he made headlines.

Despite the fact that his first pregnancy and birth were widely publicized, Thomas has since given birth to four kids.

2. Kayden Coleman

It was Kayden Coleman who conceived his two kids. While dating Elijah, Kayden became pregnant in 2013 and gave birth to his first daughter, Azaelia, in 2014.

In the year 2020, Kayden became pregnant for the second time, this time for Dominique, and gave birth to a girl they called Jurne. In the wake of his ‘unique’ childbirths, Kayden has gained a remarkable Instagram following. This is because Kayden is a transgender male who went from being a woman to a man, and so has the ability to become pregnant.

3. Rodrigo

Rodrigo and Ellen, a Brazilian couple, made headlines in March 2021 when they welcomed their first child, a daughter born to them via surrogacy. Despite being born female, Rodrigo was transmorphed into a man and became pregnant by Ellen, instead of her. As of this writing, the couple has amassed more than a hundred thousand Instagram followers.

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