Meet Nelson Mandela’s Step Child Who Lost Her Eyes Because Of An Abusive Partner

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It may be assumed that Josina Machel did not experience abuse because of her close family relationships. But her ex-lover has harmed her so terribly that she lost sight in one eye. This took place in Mozambique, but it certainly might have taken place in South Africa, where a culture of violence among men is pervasive and must be altered.

Nelson Mandela’s stepsister is Graca and Samora Machel’s daughter Josina Z. Machel. She comes from a long line of activists and is more committed than ever to advancing the cause of gender equality as a result of her personal experiences.

In 2015, Jozina requested her boyfriend Rofino Licuco to drop her off at her mother’s house after a night out. This infuriated him since he felt she wasn’t being forthright. Rofino Licuco’s anger was stoked by this, and he acted on his “rights” as a patriarchal man to do whatever he wanted with his partner’s body by punching her twice in the face.

The court case Jozina brought against Licuco ended in defeat due to a lack of evidence. Rather, Jozina’s intoxication made it possible for her to bring harm to herself.

Even though Machel and Licuco were the only witnesses, the court did not trust the prosecution’s ophthalmologists who testified that Licuco’s fist had shattered her eyeball.

Her lost police case file is unfortunately typical of what happens in South Africa. The large sum of money she was handed when she first appeared in court has also never been repaid.

To me, this is another evidence that women everywhere are subjected to oppression. As long as there is no accountability, those who harm others will continue to rise in status and refuse to quit…..S££ MOR£

S££ What 2 South African Ladies Did To Themselves Because Of A Nigerian Man

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