I Slept With My Husband’s Mistresses In One Bed Because I Couldn’t Give Birth To A Child – Woman Says

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A Kenyan woman has opened up about the horrible moments she went through for failing to give her husband a child.

Esther Wanjiru, who lives in Nairobi, was married in 1992 for seven years, but the marriage was full of pain and disrespect that saw her ditch her matrimonial home and return to her mother’s place.

According to her, her then-husband would bring girls home, and because she did not want to lose him, they would sleep in the same house 

The life I went through for not having a child made my husband disrespect me. He would come with women, and we would sleep in the same bed because I did not have a child. He used to tell me I was a useless sack with nothing. So I decided to walk out on him and go live alone,” she said.

According to Wanjiru, her husband had a lady friend who would stay with him whenever she was not around.

She also recalled a time she was arrested for assaulting her after the lady forcefully tried to end her marriage. Then, she decided to pack her things and leave her husband’s home after she paid the fine and was freed…..S££ MOR£

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