Woman Who Worked In Saudi Tearfully Says Employer’s Brother Impregnated Her Months after Arrival

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Faith Wambui, now known as ZamZam after converting to Islam, faced many challenges while living in Saudi Arabia. Her employer gave her too much work and didn’t provide enough food or rest time.

“She wouldn’t give me enough food. Sometimes, I would go for three days without eating. I also did not used to get enough sleep. I really wanted to quit, but when I remembered the problems back home, I decided to endure the hardships in the house,” she said.

Luckily, her employer’s brother was kind to her. He would secretly bring her food when his sister wasn’t around. ZamZam and the young man became close, and she later became pregnant.

“He would bring me some rice and soda. Sometimes, he would give me money, which I would later ask him to send to my family as my first three-month salary was going to my agent. We became good friends, and one thing led to another. I fell pregnant for him,” she cried.

When her employer found out, she assumed it was her husband’s child. Instead of explaining, ZamZam decided to leave before things got complicated. She found a new place to live and gave birth to her child there.

From Githurai 45 in Kiambu county, ZamZam moved to Saudi Arabia after starting college to support her child with better opportunities. She waited at the airport for a whole month before her employer finally picked her up…………….S££ MOR£

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