“I Refused To Visit My Dying Husband In Hospital – Woman On What She Went Through In Marriage

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Some hours ago Metha Ya Kagoni interviewed a Kenyans lady who talked about her marital life and why she didn’t visit her husband who was in hospital dying of illness. Her name is Ziporah Wangui and after school she got married. After sometime she gave birth to her first born child and she was very happy for that. Apart from her providing for the family, she was also washing him as a sign of humility.

Later she got pregnant again which was against the husband’s idea, although he was not providing anything. They had a disagreement and the husband was very angry. He moved out of the house and went away for three months, leaving them behind. He later came again and they were still not in good terms and he left again for three months. The time he came back again it was for good and he resigned from his job.

She was heavily pregnant and the husband was not working. Despite her providing for him, he was still disrespecting and beating her which angered her. She decided to stop providing for him and that was how he looked for a job although he was eating alone. The husband didn’t take care of her when she was pregnant and when she gave birth the husband didn’t care about it. She stayed in hospital for five days and he never went to see her.

When she went home the husband didn’t even look at the child. He went ahead and told her that he doesn’t need them and they should leave his house. After some days she decided to leave the house and she went back to her father’s house. One day she went back to take her identity card and the husband beat her very much. She took him to the police station, but later she forgave him. His family took him to the village and that was when he got sick.

She was told about her husband’s sickness who was admitted. She was asked to go and visit him which she totally refused. She remembered how he didn’t visit her when she was admitted after giving birth. She didn’t go to visit him and after sometime he died. She was not told about his death by the family and he was buried…………S££ MOR£

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