Meet Ex-Arsenal Player Who Lost All His Properties And Children To His White Wife, See Photos

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Football players should take financial management classes to understand how to manage their money appropriately. Beckham built a successful business empire on his own initiative.

But, other people have trouble managing their finances, and when their professions are ended, they file for bankruptcy. Today, we’ll look at former Asernal player Emmanuel Eboue.Emmanuel Eboue’s story is really engaging and has horrible happenings in it. He was a skilled football player who played for Arsenal. Big organizations like Barcelona and Juventus were prepared to sign him. Over time, he established himself and gave strong performances. In 2017, the former defender’s legal battle with his ex-wife Aurelie ended in a loss, forcing him to sell some of his valuables.


Later, he granted an interview to Sunday Mirror, who leveraged his admission of being homeless and penniless to garner a lot of media attention. Ebou got divorced as he was trying to recover from a one-year football suspension for failing to pay a prior agent…..S££ MOR£

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