Meet 4 Celebrities Who Gave Their Life To Christ And Changed Their Mode Of Dressing and lifestyle

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Consider a few examples of celebrities who have lately taken a different path in their lives, which has had an affect on them favorably as well as the lessons learned, positive impact made, and change brought about by their actions to the larger community at large.

1. The internet fetish priestess, Patricia Asiedu, also known as Nana Agradaa, claimed to have the ability to charm money for individuals and solve a variety of spiritual difficulties, claims that were met with skepticism by the general public.

In recent months, she has given her life to Christ and turned over a new leaf, changing her mode of dressing to reflect a more Christian way of life. She has been spotted in the church on a number of occasions.

2. Moesha Buduong, who was also highly popular on social media for her exotic dressing lifestyle and for being very popular on social media, something that most people used to have a problem with in the past.

She has also given her life to Christ and has encouraged the youth not to follow in her previous lifestyle, which she considers to be ungodly. She is now seen in a more respectable manner and is well-dressed.

3. Mr. Majid Michel was a prominent Ghallywood actor and playboy who enjoyed partying and spending time with his friends as a result of the fame he gained as a result of his acting career.

He had also lately given his life to Christ and had since proceeded on numerous evangelical tours throughout the country and around the world, as he had been ordained as an evangelist to the glory of God, completely renunciating his prior life in order to serve God.

4. In addition, Banky Wellington, better known by his stage name “Banky w,” is one of the secular musicians who made the decision to deviate from his former musician category and sing gospel songs in order to honor God’s name…S££ MOR£

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