The Photographer That Took This Picture Killed Himself, See Reasons

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Many of you may have already seen this picture and read the sad story behind it, and then some people may not know, so am going to explain you more easily, so you know the sad story behind the image.

This photo was taken by a popular

photographer called Kevin Carter “The Girl and the Vulture.” During the Apathy period, Kevin lived and grew up in South Africa.

He became a photographer, just to take photos and document the abuses of the White. He has seen many deaths, torture, sufferings and has taken and documented photographs.

The picture of the Sudanese starving girl and the vulture earned him an award, the picture showed a girl looking malnourished and at the point of death and a vulture waiting for her to die so as to feast in her. He left immediately after taking the picture, and did not do anything else to help the girl.

During an interview he was asked what became of the little girl? But he had no idea since he left immediately after taking the picture. He was called heartless and inhumane, he had left the little girl behind without aid.

Trauma of all the photos of people who had suffered and who those who were killed and of the little girl filled his head and threw him into depression and he took his own life. He died in July 1994.…….S££ MOR£

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