Meet Katerina, Vladimir Putin’s Daughter Who Is An Acrobatic Dancer (Photos)

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Katerina Putin Tikhonova is a 35-year-old Russian acrobatic dancer, scientist, and manager.

She is the second daughter of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, a 69-year-old Russian politician who is currently serving as the president of Russia.

Born in Dresden, East Germany, Katerina, developed fondness for acrobatic dancing in 2010 at the age of twenty four and was then trained at Moscow City Khamovniki state sports and dance school. She has since competed in a number of competitions in acrobatic rock’n’roll, a discipline for couples that involves a mixture of energetic dancing and virtuosic acrobatic moves.

Nine years ago, she and her dancing partner, Ivan Klimov, came 5th at at the world dancing championship held in Switzerland. Eight years ago, at the Russian Championship, the pair came second. Apart from dancing, Katerina is also a vice president at the World Rock and Roll Confederation (WRRC), and also a senior official in the sport’s national federation, chairing its international committee and committee for Russian regional development….S££ MOR£

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