Meet The Oldest Enlisted Soldier Alive In Nigeria Who Was An Ex-president Of Cac

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The oldest enlisted soldier alive in Nigeria who was an ex-president of CAC is Pastor John Dada. He joined the military force on 13th January, 1943 and left the force on July 31, 1946. Although, many believed that Major Aduku while he was alive was the oldest enlisted soilder but the fact is that Major Aduku joined the military force in 1945.

John Dada is not only the oldest soldier alive throughout the world, we have the like of Lawrence Nathaniel who is the oldest living soilder that participated in second World War.

John Dada served as a soldier at Idi Ope Barrack now known as Abaiti Barracks in Lagos. He spent just five months at the barrack and graduated as a Class 4 Clerk. He later served at the 2428 company as the head of accounts.

Late Major Aduku

Late Major Aduku being presented an award by the Vice President,Yemi Osibanjo

Lawrence Nathaniel Brooks ,the oldest living veteran of World War II

Moreover, on September 30 1943, he was part of the soldiers that left Lagos for Cape town. He returned to Nigeria as Sergeant on June 10, 1946. He served last as a military officer at School Master of Exemplary Conduct in Gaza.

Pa John Dada Obafemi then joined Apostle Ayo Babalola for mentorship before he got ordained as a Pastor on 22nd September, 1959.

Pa Obafemi now and in his younger years…..See More

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