See Photos Of The Letter Prophet Muhammad Sent To Roman Empire

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According a post by saudi expat, this was the letter Prophet Muhammad [SAW] sent to the Roman Empire inviting them to join islam.

It was gathered that the letter was addressed in Arabic inscription and is presently preserved at the museum in the King Hussain Mosque (Jordan).

Below is the translations of prophet Muhammad’s letter in English, he said and I qoute.

In the name of Allah, the Gracious one, the Merciful.

From Muhammad, servant of Allah and His apostle to Heraclius, premier of the Romans:

Peace unto whoever follows the guided path!

Thereafter, verily I call you to the call of Submission [to God] (“Islam”). Submit (i.e., embrace Islam) and be safe [from perdition. And submit as] God shall compensate your reward two-folds. But if you turn away, then upon you will be the guilt [of delusion] of the peasantry.

Then “O people of the scripture, come to a term equitable between us and you that we worship none but God and associate [as partners in worship] with Him nothing, and we take not one another as Lords apart from God. [Then God says] But if they turn away, then say: Bear witness that we are Submitters [to God] (“Muslims”).”

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