Bible Allows Us To Take Alcohol” Pastor Kuria Talks About The Bible And Why Pastors Die Shamefully

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Pastor Kuria recently explored the lives of pastors and Christians in an interview. He claims to have been born again in Nakuru and to reject religious gymnastics, which has no scriptural foundation and imposes moral standards on others. He went on to add that while the Bible promotes alcohol consumption, he doesn’t see any problems with it, and that the actual issue is what happens to individuals after they drink it.

He went on to argue that the Bible, in particular, allows elderly people to drink wine to help them relax and forget about their problems. He also spoke about giving, suggesting that instead of giving your tithe to the needy and blind, you should bring it to God’s home and direct the poor and blind to the church, where they will receive it. He stated that most pastors make the error of consuming everything and should instead share with less privileged people of society.

He asserted that as a result of this, pastors are dying dishonorably because they ate meals meant for the poor and disabled. He also spoke on the most harmful wants that women and young people should avoid. Furthermore, he stated that tithing is solely intended to offer security for your possessions and will never make you wealthy. As a result, he stated that giving is the foundation of riches, using the example of drunkards to back up his argument that those who give to others are always prosperous.

He also condemned preachers who demanded money from individuals seeking deliverance, claiming that this was against the Bible and that people should only come to Jesus for salvation……S££ MOR£

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