He Said That The Only Thing I Am Good At Is Wearing Okrika Oversized Trousers And Be Embarrassing Him

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I and my boyfriend had issues. This is our second serious issues over a year plus we started seeing each other but this quarrel this time around hurts.
He told me that the only thing I am good at is wearing okrika oversized trousers and be embarrassing him.

He said with my cheap perfumes and hair that is always tacky. I wept and wept. He apologized but iam hurt. He is the type that will give me 150k for hair and asked me to get one qaulity hair. I am not ffom a rich family, that money can solve issues for me
I end up buying synthetic so that I can save the rest.

He gives me money for cloths and upkeep but I hate to spend too much, some of this cloths in boutique is what is in okrika. He said my perfume is always making him throw up.

The painful one is that he said I carry my family wahala on my head and he is even scared of marrying ne because everything he gives me I send to my people. He begged ne but because he is doing well does that give him a right to say this thing to me…..S££ MOR£

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