“ I Wish I Knew” Woman Regrets Months After Asking Husband To Do This For Her

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A woman on TikTok, known as @courtney.s.w, expressed her frustration about the difficulties of dating after divorcing her husband. She shared her story in a video where she cried and explained that she initially believed divorce was the best option for both of them. Months later, she admitted regretting her decision, saying she would have stayed with her children’s father if she had known how tough the dating scene would be.

The video, reposted on X by @VVladimirstan, showed various clips of her talking about her regrets. In one part, she described the dating world as “ghetto” and expressed her dismay at the challenges she faced.

Many people online reacted to her story. Some suggested that others should learn from her experience and work on their relationships, while others made light of her situation.

In a similar story, a Ghanaian woman living in the U.S. also regretted her divorce, acknowledging that she and her husband grew apart after a personal tragedy. She praised her ex-husband for his kindness and care during their marriage……S££ MOR£

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