What To Do Immediately When You Are Attack By A Big Shark In An Ocean

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When you are attacked by a big shark in the ocean, immediate action is crucial for survival. Here’s what to do:

1. Stay Calm and Try to Maintain Eye Contact.

Sharks often attack from behind. Keeping your eyes on the shark can deter it, as they prefer ambushing prey.

2. Defend Aggressively.

Use anything you have (camera, snorkel, spear) to fend off the shark. If you have nothing, use your fists. Aim for sensitive areas like the eyes, gills, and snout. Striking these areas can cause the shark to retreat.

3. Make Yourself Look Bigger.

If you’re with others, group together to appear larger and more intimidating. This can sometimes deter the shark from attacking further.

4. Get Out of the Water.

If the shark leaves, don’t stay in the water. Swim calmly but swiftly to the shore or to the nearest boat, keeping movements smooth to avoid mimicking distressed prey.

5. Apply Pressure to Wounds.

If bitten, try to control bleeding by applying pressure to the wound with whatever you have available. Keeping calm helps slow your heart rate, reducing blood loss.

6. Signal for Help.

Attract attention by waving your arms or using a whistle if you have one. Yell for help as soon as you are within hearing distance of others…..S££ MOR£

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