When You See A Shark Inside Water Don’t Run But Do This Thing”- Man Gives Advice, See Reactions

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Shark is known to be one of the dangerous aquatic animal, they are always fast inside Water and very mean whenever they sense any blood inside the water.

As known, Sharks are huge, and could swallow more than 2 human at a time without feeling any discomfort. Shark is considered dangerous, and not really friendly like the other aquatic animals like Whales.

However, going through my Twitter line today, a guy share advice on how shark won’t harm people inside the water and I think about sharing it to all Nigerians. In his statement, When You see a shark, don’t run but gave advice on what to do.

He said that when someone see a shark inside the water, they should not run as Shark is more faster and would catch up to that person sooner or later but they should just stay quiet and stop moving, then the shark would be confused and go back except if it’s a spiritual shark. Although, the man forgot to add that you must not be bleeding, or else the shark would perceive it, and then eat the person.

After his friendly advice, many reacted to it calling the guy a motivational speaker, and that’s how they said about dogs that got them bitten.

What do you think about the advice that the young man gave? Would you follow it if peradventure you got yourself in this ugly situation……S££ MOR£

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