If She Says I Am For The Street, She Actually Means These 4 Things

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When a woman says “I am for the streets,” it can mean different things based on her feelings and experiences. Here are five possible meanings, explained in simple English:

1. Independence.

She might be saying she values her freedom. She doesn’t want to be tied down by a serious relationship right now. She enjoys being independent, making her own choices, and living life on her own terms without needing to answer to a partner.

2. Past Hurt:

This phrase could come from a place of hurt. Maybe she’s been in bad relationships before, and saying she’s “for the streets” is a way to protect herself. It’s easier to avoid getting hurt again if she doesn’t get too close to anyone. It’s like a shield she uses to keep her heart safe.

3. Lifestyle Choice:

She might be embracing a particular lifestyle. Some people see “the streets” as a symbol of living freely and adventurously. She might enjoy going out, meeting new people, and having fun without any long-term commitments. It’s about living in the moment and enjoying life as it comes.

4. Peer Influence:

Sometimes, people say they are “for the streets” because their friends or social circle do. It can be a way to fit in with a group that values freedom and spontaneity. If her friends are all about enjoying single life and being carefree, she might say this to show she’s on the same page as them.

5. Self-Worth:

Lastly, she might be turning a negative label into a positive statement. If people have judged her or called her names, saying she’s “for the streets” can be her way of owning it. Instead of feeling bad about it, she uses it to show confidence. It’s like saying, “Yes, I live my life how I want, and I’m proud of it…..See More

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