My Fiancé Just Canceled Everything Because I Went To Give My Ex-boyfriend My Wedding Invitation, I Mistakenly Slept Over – Lady Says

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My Fiancé just canceled everything because I lied to him. I went to give my ex boyfriend my wedding Invitation.

My intention wasn’t to sleep over. He started begging me that we have a lot to talk about. That I should allow us talk now that I’m still single.

He begged me to sleep over and I did. One thing lead to another, we had sex all through. l didn’t tell my fiancé and he has never
questioned me about that.

Not knowing that he hacked nmy phone and he’s waiting for the time he will be with me to talk about it. He asked me and I lied.

Then he provided an evidence. There was no way out so l started apologizing.

In my presence, he called both parents and asked them to cancel any wedding preparations.

When they asked why, he told them I will explain better. He left me in his house and went to a hotel and he’s going back to Abuja from the hotel.

He instructed his gate man to make sure I leave tomorrow and I should drop the house keys with him. I’ve called him over 800 times, he’s not picking.

Please what can I do to remedy this. I don’t want to loose my man. We love each other so much…..See More

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