“My Own Mother Choose Her Husband Over Me” Lady Says

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A media personality shared a video on her youtube channel where a lady named Stella narrated her life journey. Stella was brought up in a humble background and she had a choice of getting married so that the husband would pay her school fees. This is after her mother resisted to stay with her and choose her husband over Stella.

Stella became pregnant and contrary to her expectations, the man chased her out and after going to her grandmother, the granny could not take care of her. She went to live with her friend and would go to hustle so as to earn a living. After some time she went to her mother and her step father welcomed her due to her pregnancy.

Stella gave birth and her baby daddy would demand to have the baby but she resisted. She left the baby with her mother and went to hustle but later on she met a man who wanted to have her but not her child. After some time, she met another man and they started dating. Stella later parted ways with the man and she decided to only take care of her child. Watch the full story in the video below..S££ MOR£••

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