Our Hearts Are With The Brotherly People Of Iran – Hamas Movement

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In a recent statement, the Hamas movement has extended their heartfelt message to the people of Iran following helicopter incident involving President Ebrahim Raisi during his visit to Azerbaijan, as reported by Globe Eye News.

Our hearts are with the brotherly people of Iran. We ask Almighty Allah to bless the president of Iran, the minister of Foreign Affairs, and all their colleagues,” Hamas Movement stated.

The statement underlined a sense of togetherness and support for the Iranian nation.

The display underlines the importance of unity and compassion in the face of challenges.

Hamas conveyed a message of concern, expressing their support with the people of Iran.

They invoked blessings from Almighty Allah for President Raisi, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and all their colleagues.

This display of compassion extend beyond political boundaries, underlining the shared humanity and interconnectedness of nations.

The incident involving President Raisi during his visit to neighboring Azerbaijan has brought concern and attention both domestically and internationally…..S££ MOR£

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