See How Rich People Use Money To Make More Money, And How Poor People Work For The Same Money

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According to Bloomberg magazine, the poor and middle class work for money. They are being employed to work and create wealth for other people who in return pay them for their labour. They used money to make more money by using the following rules:-

1. They employ experts who are competent than them to run their business.

2. They buy and accumulate more assets that generate profit.

3. They increase streams of revenue while at the same time reducing expenditure on non-essential things.

4. They don’t seek employment but they create jobs for other people.

5. They control money systems and manipulate it to their advantage.

The asset column generate more than enough income to cover for their expenses, with the balance reinvested into asset column. The asset column continue to grow and, therefore, the income it produce grow with it. The result is that the rich get richer. Wealth is the measure of the cash flow from the asset column compared with expenses column.

Poor people are driven by fear of not having money to pay bills and when they get it, greed sets in. Their lives are forever controlled by emotions. When they get more money they increase spending on wonderful things that money can buy. They usually say they are not interested in money yet they labour to get it. They acquire liabilities that they think are assets and to make the matter worse they burrow loans to buy houses and latest cars. These would remove money from their pockets. Financial struggle is often the result of people working all their lives for someone else.

Many people go to university for four years, and their education end. They get employment that pay well but financial illiteracy make them to loss. They don’t know how to invest and most of them would retire poor. Most people fail to realized that in life, its not how much money you make. It is how much you keep…..S££ MOR£

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