Stop Expecting The Too Much From Boys At Your Age – Lady Advised Her Gender

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A lady has sided with men and has adviced her fellow ladies to stop expecting the most from boys who are in their age range, 20 and below, as they are not capable of providing them with certain lifestyles.

She said ladies should not compare their relationships to what they see on Instagram and should not expect boys who work from nine to five or are still in school to be able to fulfil their desires of taking them on vacations and buying them expensive things.

said it is not realistic to expect that from boys but if you want that, you should get yourself an older man, who is already established or a drug dealer to fulfil those desires for you.

She said, “Stop expecting the most from boys our age. When I say boys our age, I mean 20 and below. You can’t expect a boy that’s working nine to five, goes Uni, and goes to work to be flying you out and to be buying you designers. It’s so unrealistic.”

“… The nine to five guy isnt going to get you that. If you want that you need to get yourself a drug dealer or an older man. You shouldn’t be looking at these Instagram relationships and be comparing it to our relationship………..See More

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