I Have Been Struggling Financially Since Divorce, Pleases A Single Should Marry Me, I Am Ready Again – Lady Says

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A woman who got divorced three years ago was forced to start working to fend for herself after years of not worrying about bills.

While she loves the good things in life, she dislikes working for the money and prefers being a stay-at-home wife.

According to The Mirror, the woman has had no choice but to work full-time since her marriage ended.

The woman expressed that she is in her 40s but doesn’t enjoy working, so she prefers to find a man who can provide her with financial security. Her desire results from her previous marriage, in which the man worked and funded their lifestyle while she focused on her hobbies and looking pretty. That changed when the marriage collapsed, and she was forced to find a job to fend for herself.

However, her plans have hit a snag, leaving her feeling frustrated. She’s gone on several dates since her divorce, but none of the men she’s met have enough cash to support her. “Where have all the rich men gone? A couple of them wouldn’t even pay for my dinner,” the frustrated woman lamented.

The woman inquired if there was anything she could do to change the type of men she meets for dates, as she was losing hope…..See More

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