Dear Men, If You Marry A Prayer Warrior You Are Not Physically Attracted To, You Are Finished- Reno Omokri Says

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In a recent post on Facebook, renowned author and social commentator Reno Omokri has ignited a discussion on the significance of physical attraction in marriage, asserting that it plays a crucial role in marital happiness. In a recent statement, Omokri emphasized the importance of being physically drawn to one’s partner for a fulfilling marriage.

While acknowledging the importance of a woman’s good character, Omokri revealed that physical attraction is equally vital for marital bliss. He emphasized that without it, couples may struggle to find satisfaction and enjoyment in their intimate lives, likening their interactions to mere prayer vigils.

According to him, “As a man, if you marry a prayer warrior you are not physically attracted to, you are finished. You will never be happy in your marriage if you are unhappy in your marital bed. A good character is vital in a woman. But without physical attraction, the only session you and your wife will enjoy is a prayer vigil.

“On this note, an ideal wife should be able to pray, slay, and stay. Even God expects your wife to excite you physically. Proverbs 5:19 says that an ideal wife should have breast that takes you to ecstasy and love that intoxicates you……See More

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