The First Time I Met Rema, He Was So Quiet And Humble, I Just Want To Take Good Care Of Him ” — Selena Gomez

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When I met Rema, he was so Calm and humble. I just want to take care of him ” — Selena Gomez

“I actually fell in love with the song ‘Runaway’ before I fell in love with ‘Calm down.’ I literally was a fan of his. But it [remixing ‘Calm Down’] was all like kind of his idea.

When I met him, I honestly was so impressed by his demeanor, how humble and how grateful he is for every moment. And, I just couldn’t pick someone else who deserves all this success in the world. He is so kind. I don’t know, I just wanna like take care of him, [laughs]” — she state

“When Selena Gomez said that Rema changed her life, she wasn’t referring to the royalties from their collaboration on “Calm Down”. Rather, it was due to his profound impact on her personally. She has learned valuable lessons from him and has been inspired by Rema’s personality…….Fínd Out Móre

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