Take A Tour Into The Tribe Where Only Women Exist, No Man Is Allowed (Photos)

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A prominent lady has already established an entire society dedicated only to females, and no man, not even one, is permitted to enter.

Umuja, in Kenya’s Samburu region, is an excellent example of this. This is where Rebecca Lolosoli grew up. She is the sole one who founded the female-only community. Rebecca was in an emotionally abusive relationship 30 years ago, when she was abused and degraded as if she were a second-class citizen.

Picture of the woman who built the women community:

When she looked outside, though, she saw she wasn’t alone. She was not the only woman who had been raped and tormented. It’s usual for young children to marry, and it’s even more frequent for some of them to have their genital organs chopped and damaged.

When a female reaches the age of marriage, Samburu customs dictates that she be disfigured. Nobody replied when Rebecca requested that the authorities protect them from their husbands. The rest of the civilized world turned a blind eye to them. Then she and a group of 14 other women decided to create their own universe on the spur of the moment.

Then they declared that they no longer needed men since they could accomplish it on their own. All the males around them wondered how they would ever live on their own. Despite the fact that they are females, and women are known to be susceptible, Rebecca and her ladies managed to prove everyone wrong.

When they started building the village:

She chose the Umuja plot of land, which means “togetherness.” They built everything from the ground up. She created homes out of clay and wood, as well as handcrafted jewelry.

The school they created for their children:

She founded a school for their biological children, and they teach women to believe in themselves as ladies even if they don’t have husbands. Without the presence of men in their own small world, females sing, play, and raise their children alone inside this society.

When tourists came to visit them:

No man, including their own loves, is allowed to live there, and male teenagers are allowed to stay with them until they turn eighteen. If they follow the rules set by powerful women, they will be mutilated. Several males were initially envious, so they formed their own little villages next door to keep tourists out. They also went into Umuja and harassed the women, but Rebecca and the rest of the gang held their ground.

They saved some money and eventually bought the entire town. Umuja presently boasts over a hundred members, all of whom are accomplished businesswomen.

That’s exactly what happens when women are given opportunities: they succeed, they build societies, they reign, they run businesses, and they achieve success. Women, on the other hand, are rarely given the opportunity to demonstrate their worth.

Building a community in this setting was not easy for Rebecca and the other villagers; it took a lot of devotion and perseverance.

The outter look of the village:

Authorities, particularly in rural areas, must adopt rules and give opportunities for women. Parents must teach their sons to value women so that women will be treated with respect in the future, not just in this town, but around the world.

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