The First Church That Came Into Nigeria Is Not Catholic Church, See The First Church That Came Into Nigeria 

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According to Legitng, Nigeria is one of the most religious nations in the world. Although historians assert that Portuguese missionaries brought Christianity to Nigeria in the sixteenth century, no definite church was set up before their departure. During the Church of England’s mission in 1842, Christianity was introduced into Nigeria and spread throughout the country ever since.

Henry Townsend founded the mission at Badagry, but a church wasn’t built there until a few years later. In Nigeria, the first church was finished in 1898. The first church in Nigeria, the Cathedral Church of St. Peter, is situated in Ake, Abeokuta, Ogun State. The Reverend André Desalu Wilhelm constructed it. The church was constructed to act as the missionaries’ gathering spot.

Even though a lot has happened since then, the church grounds still contain the old and original edifice. The auditorium where worship services are now held has been upgraded and expanded. Inside the church, grounds is a hall that is named for Reverend Henry Townsend, the first missionary to Nigeria. Interesting fact: The first newspaper, Iwe Irohin, was also published by Reverend Henry Townsend.


The church received a certificate of distinction and honor from T.I.N Magazine in 2015 for being the first and oldest church in Nigeria……S££ MOR£

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