Why South Sudan Is A Country That Has More Cows Than The Population Of Humans

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The country, South Sudan gained independence from the Republic of Sudan in 2011. South Sudan is one of the young sovereign countries, in the African continent that has recognition in the world. This is due to the vast swamp region of the studs, formed by the White Nile which is known locally in the country, as the Bahr Al Jabal with the meaning translated in English as “Mountain River”.

All nations in the world have several things, that make, them peculiar. It is either these things are similar among two or more nations, or these things make them different from other nations of the world. There are many factors we cannot exclude from human existence. For example, from time immemorial humans, have always co-existed on earth with other creations. Livestock has always been a means of human survival.

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Livestock is undoubtedly important to the economy of any country, in the world. The benefits of livestock are enormous, however, there are countries, where the population of livestock outnumbers the population of humans. According to statistics by United Nations released in 2019, South Sudan has a population of 11.1 million people. According to the statistics, the country also has 31 million head of cattle, sheep, and goats.

South Sudan is today, a world-leading country when animal wealth is calculated per capita. In other words, there are more cows, living In South Sudan than humans. One of the surprising things, about this feat of South Sudan, is that despite the population of cows, the country has continued to import its meat from other countries. South Sudan loses lots of money every year, for not exporting its livestock.

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One of the reasons, why South Sudan has quite an enormous population of cows, is because keeping livestock alive and healthy, is very vital, most of the population in South Sudan depends on livestock for livelihood. In South Sudan, a rich man is known for the number of cows he owns. It is also said that without livestock in Sudan Sudan, it is like a person is not a human being. Next time, if a person should travel to South Sudan, such person should bear in mind that the country, values livestock…..Séé Móré

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