Money Can’t Buy Love- See Bill Gates and Other Billionaires Who Are Currently Single (Photos)

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It’s no longer news that power couple of the technology and philanthropic worlds, Bill and Melinda Gates, have announced they are divorcing after 27 years of marriage.

On Tuesday morning, the 65-year-old billionaire founder of Microsoft issued a joint statement on Twitter, stating that the couple no longer believes they can “grow together” and that they are now moving on to the next step of their lives separately.

Apart from Bill Gates, below are other billionaires who are currently single. Some have been married before others haven’t experienced marriage.

1. Jeff Bezos

54-year-old Jeff Bezos is the Chairman, CEO and president of Amazon. He divorced his wife MacKenzie Scott in 2019.

2. Jack Dorsey

Jack Dorsey the CEO and co-founder of Twitter has never been married. He is currently 43-years-old.

3. Elaine Wynn

Elaine Wynn is an American Billionaire and philanthropist. Since she divorced her husband in 2009, she has been single. She is currently 79-years-old

4. Alice Walton

Alice Walton is regarded as the second richest woman on Earth .After she got divorced at the age of 24 in 1974, Alice has remained single. She will be 72-years-old this year.

5. Nicolas Berggruen

German billionaire, Berggruen is a single father to two 1-year-olds, born from one egg donor and two surrogate mothers. He will be 60-years-old this year.

6Leslie Lee Alexander

77-year-old Leslie Lee Alexander is an American businessman and financier. He was the former owner of the National Basketball Association (NBA) team Houston Rockets.

Alexander divorced his wife Née Shnapier) in 2003, paying her a $150 million settlement.

7. Gina Rinehart

67-years-old Gina Rinehart is the richest person in Australia. She was married to Greg Milton in 1973 but divorced in 1981. She got married again in 1983 but sadly lost her husband in 1990. She has remained single since then.

These men and women could buy anything they want on this earth, however, they can’t buy someone who truly loves them, and willing to embrace their characters and persevere through all without abandoning them. These days, such people are extremely hard to come by. Keep the person if you have one. Handle him or her with care, be proud of him or her, and never consider hurting or betraying the special person…..Séé Móré

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