Why You Shouldn’t Answer ‘yes’ If Caller Asks ‘can You Hear Me?’

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When receiving a call from an unknown number and being asked, “Can you hear me?” it’s prudent not to answer “yes.” This is because such calls might be part of a common scam designed to record your affirmative response. Here’s why:

1. Voice Verification Fraud.

Scammers can use the recorded “yes” to authorize fraudulent charges on various accounts that use voice recognition for security. By obtaining a recording of you saying “yes,” they may be able to impersonate you in phone-based transactions with banks or other institutions.

2. Telemarketing Scams.

Some unethical telemarketers might use the recorded “yes” to claim you agreed to services or products you did not intend to subscribe to. They can then bill you for these unwanted services, relying on the recorded affirmation as “proof” of your consent.

3. Identity Theft.

Your voice is a personal identifier, much like your signature. Scammers may use it as part of a larger scheme to piece together enough information to steal your identity, especially if they already have some of your personal details from other sources.

4. Legal Ambiguity.

If a dispute arises over whether you authorized a transaction, the recorded “yes” can create legal complications. You might find it difficult to prove that your agreement was fabricated, leading to potential financial loss and a lengthy dispute process.

To protect yourself:

Do not respond directly:

If asked, “Can you hear me?” avoid saying “yes.” Instead, respond with “I can hear you” or simply inquire who is calling.

Hang up if suspicious:

If the call seems dubious or if the caller is persistent in getting a “yes” response, it’s best to hang up.

Report the number:

Report the suspicious number to relevant authorities or your phone carrier to help prevent others from falling victim.
Being cautious with unsolicited calls and understanding the potential risks of seemingly innocent questions can help safeguard your personal information and financial security…..S££ MOR£

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