Meet 5 Footballers Who Had An Affaír With Their Teammate’s Wife

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1. Mauro Icardi (Wife of Maxi Lopez)

The couple had three children together when Inter Milan striker Maxi Lopez decided to kidnap his teammate’s wife. Mauro Icardi has a second child with Wanda Nara, his wife at the time. When Torino and Inter Milan met face to face, Maxi Lopez opted not to shake Mauro Icardi’s hand.

2. Kevin De Bruyne’s girlfriend Thibaut-Courtois

Former Chelsea goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois acknowledged in 2014 that in 2012, he had slept with Kevin De Bruyne’s Belgium teammate’s fiance. According to reports, De Bruyne was dating his girlfriend’s best friend. In vengeance, Caroline Linen began an affair with Courtois, one of his teammates. Yet, it seems as though the two have made amends.

3. Wayne Bridge’s girlfriend John Terry

Supporters in England will never forget Terry’s romance with Vanessa Perroncel, who was Wayne Bridge’s wife at the time and Terry’s coworker. Wayne Bridge’s refusal to shake John Terry’s hand cost him the job of leading the national team.

4. Jordan Ayew (Wife of Afriyie Acquah)

The footballer for Crystal Palace, who is known for his skill on the pitch, is accused of having a four-year relationship with the spouse of his Black Stars teammate Afriye Acquah. Ayew’s four-year romance with Afriye Acquah’s wife, Amanda, was made public in a leaked YouTube video.

5. Christian Lell’s girlfriend Mesut Ozil

Another athlete’s performance, who appears to be a strong player on the field, is disappointing. In 2014, Christain Lell stated that Ozil had a romantic relationship with Melanie, stating the two had chatted over social media…S££ MOR£



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