Forget About Rat Poison And Traps, Here Is An Easy Way To Kill Rats Using Sugar And Flour

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Rats are rodents and are among the most destructive storage rodents known. They can be found in different places where they have an easy access to food like homes and warehouses. If they multiply to great numbers they can become a nuisance and this can be very uncomfortable and lead to loses.

There are many methods to kill rats but some rarely work or kill just a few rats. They range from rat poison, hunting using cats and traps. These me this require one to buy the items required to make them effective. Some come with many risks to people mostly one has children in the house.

Do you however know that you can clear rats from your house using simple ingredients readily available in our homes? Let’s dive into how to go about it and have all the rats gone in a few days. All you need to make this successful is sugar, flour and baking soda.

Mix these three in the ratio 1:1:1. Rats love sugar and flour and adding baking soda makes them eat more. Baking soda will react with their stomach acid to produce CO2 gas which is dangerous to rats. Rats unlike other animals don’t fart and the gas accumulates in their stomach and eventually kills them.

Try this method and watch all the rats in your house disappear for good……………Sée Móre

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