“If Your Marriage Is Not Working, Walk Away And Marry Someone Else; If The New Marriage Still Doesn’t Work, Walk Away. You Can Marry Up To 50 Times” — Yul Edochie

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Yul Edochie, a famous Nigerian actor, said that if your marriage is not working, you should leave and marry someone else. If the new marriage also fails, he suggests you should leave again. He even said that you can marry up to 50 times if needed.

This idea is quite different from traditional views on marriage. Many people believe that marriage is for life and that couples should try hard to solve their problems. They think marriage is about working together, being patient, and understanding each other. Yul Edochie’s advice seems to say that personal happiness is more important than staying in a bad marriage.

Some people don’t agree with Yul Edochie. They think his advice makes marriage seem unimportant and easy to throw away. They believe that leaving a marriage quickly means you don’t try to fix problems. This could lead to a cycle of unhappy relationships, where people keep leaving instead of solving issues.

However, some people support Edochie’s view. They believe staying in an unhappy marriage is bad for a person’s well-being. They think life is too short to stay in a relationship that makes you unhappy. For them, the freedom to leave and find a better match is empowering. It means you can look for happiness without being stuck in a bad marriage….Sée Móre

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