Nigerian Man Dumps His Girlfriend For Acting As A W!tch In A School Drama

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A Nigerian man broke up with his girlfriend because she played a witch in a school drama. The girlfriend, who loves acting, performed very well in the school play. However, her boyfriend did not like her role as a witch.

Even though she explained that it was just acting, the boyfriend couldn’t accept it. He was very superstitious and believed that acting as a witch was a bad thing. He felt uncomfortable and scared by her performance.

After the play, he told her that he didn’t want to be with her anymore. He couldn’t separate her acting from real life. The girlfriend tried to make him understand that it was only a role and not real, but he refused to listen.

This situation shows how strong some people’s superstitions and fears can be. It also highlights how these beliefs can affect relationships. The girlfriend was just doing her part in the drama, but the boyfriend’s old beliefs made him see her differently…..Çheck More

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