Putin Preparing For War!’ Alarm Bells Ring As Germany Urged To Activate 900k Reservists

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It A German MP and defence expert warned Vladimir Putin would “continue his raids” if he wins in Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin is ‘preparing for war’, according to a German MP (Image: GETTY)

A German MP has called on her country to activate some “900,000 reservists” as she believes Russia‘s “attack against us has already begun”.

Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann, an MP of the liberal FDP party and the chair of the Defence Committee at the Bundestag, said Moscow is completely on a war footing, and it is time for Germany to prepare to face any threat from the east.

She told the newspapers of the Funke Media Group: “Putin is preparing his people for war and positioning them against the West. We must therefore become capable of defending ourselves as quickly as possible.”

Russia, she went on to claim, “only produces weapons” and the school books it prints “portray Germany as the aggressor”.

Calling for the activation of Germany’s reservists, she said: “If we could recruit just half of them with their corresponding expertise as reservists, that would be an incredible asset………..Víēw Mórē

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