The Police Officer Lost 5 Teeths & His Neck Was Broken After Makanga Decided To Beat Him Up – Alinur

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Alinur Mohammed has said, policeman was beaten up by a Makanga, who caused him to lose five teeth and break his neck. Despite having more passengers than needed, the Makanga refused to assist the authorities. It is appropriate for traffic police officers to be able to carry firearms for self-defense.

More to that, Alinur has said, he is not going to enjoy it when he is arrested. This is how you don’t beat a police officer. He is a father, a brother, and a son. Let us honor each other’s efforts.

At some point I feel bad about it, I also know these guys take money and at times really frustrate road users. People have no idea the pain matatu operators goes in the hands of police. There is a cartel network that involve police which is worse than Mungiki in that industry in terms of extortion.

A netizen has said, policeman should be physically fit to at least protect himself against an average makanga. I shall never sympathise with kenya police, they allow alot of shit to happen on their watch. In this case most probalbly no law was to be followed, he just wanted money from the makanga….Víew Móre

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