Putin’s ‘favourite Witch’ Who Cast Spells On Enemies Detained For ‘fraud

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A hoard of occult items were found by Russian investigators inside the home of Alyona Polyn – a self-proclaimed ‘witch’ – including demon figures, skulls and voodoo dolls

Vladimir Putin’s “favourite witch” has been detained in Russia despite supporting him and his war against Ukraine and “working for his secret services”.

Alyona Polyn, 43, is suspected of fraud, extremism and insulting the religious feelings of believers, say reports. She heads the so-called Empire of the Strongest Witches [ISW], seen by Ukrainian intelligence as working for Putin’s FSB and SVR intelligence agencies.

Polyn – real name Elena Sulikova – claims she inherited magical powers from her grandmother. During searches of her home outside Moscow, investigators working on the orders of the FSB found voodoo dolls, black candles, statuettes of demons from various religions and a picture with a golden calf inseminator.

Self-proclaimed 'witch' Alyona Polyn
Alyona Polyn’s real name is Elena Sulikova

They also discovered dried bats, ritual daggers, herbs, portraits of demons, skulls and crystal balls, stacks of fortune-telling cards and an altar. Literature and multiple items were seized, according to reports.

She was initially detained in an ambulance after complaining of feeling unwell following the law enforcement raid, but was subsequently deemed fit to face interrogation. Polyn came to attention in February 2019 when she led a move by witches to “strengthen Putin”, while casting spells on his enemies who should “return to the abyss”.

Self-proclaimed 'witch' Alyona Polyn detained by police - items found in her property

Investigators found creepy items such as dried bats and ritual daggers in her property

One of her incantations went: “He who hears and does not hear, who sees and does not see, who was and will be, will not forget my word. Rise the great power of Russia, direct the path of Vladimir Putin truly and righteously, through my word.”

She led dozens of self-proclaimed sorceresses seeking to give strength to the Kremlin dictator, apparently with official approval in a country where 800,000 people make a living through folk healing, acting as psychic mediums or other similar occupations. More recently, she has backed the Russian invasion of Ukraine claiming to “provide psychological assistance to soldiers and their families free of charge” – as well as practical support.

Self-proclaimed 'witch' Alyona Polyn

Polyn said she inherited her magical powers from her grandmother

Kyiv has strongly suggested the senior witch is linked to the Russian intelligence services, accusing her of recruiting sorcerers to monitor the movement of Ukrainian military personnel and equipment: “The SBU believes that the founder of the ‘Empire of the Strongest Witches’, Alyona Polyn, and her followers are not only involved in magic and esotericism, but are also recruiting new members….outside Russia on the instructions of the FSB.

Self-proclaimed 'witch' Alyona Polyn detained by police - items found in her property
Russian forces raiding the witch’s home just outside Moscow
Polyn was initially detained in an ambulance after feeling unwell following the raid
Polyn was initially detained in an ambulance after feeling unwell following the raid

Polyn “urged them to help the Russian Armed Forces and the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service [SVR] by sending data on the location of Ukrainian troops there.” One man Vasyl Romanyshyn allegedly recruited by Polyn was detained in Ukraine on suspicion of treason.

Polyn has denied such charges saying: “Our organisation has never been a recruitment centre for any government agency. “However, real witches and wizards always stand for the state where they are, because they were born there for a reason. We stand on the guard of justice, earth and heaven – it was so in the Soviet years, and it remains so now.”

The new investigation accuses her of selling and distributing extremist literature containing “calls for violence against clergy of the Russian Orthodox Church”. Senior MP Alexander Spiridonov alleged: “Polyn has been engaged in fraud for many years, misleading people by practising the occult and selling ‘witchcraft’ goods that supposedly help in solving problems………..Séé Móré

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