The SA School Hotties Trend Should Be Cancelled, Look Neat, Not Sexy

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Over the past couple of years, social media has revealed the increasing change in the attitude of South African school girls and how they carry themselves.

It is a code of conduct of numerous schools (if not all) in South Africa, that learners are to go to school dressed neatly and appropriately. However, this has not been so lately. A change has driven the youth.

It appears that schools have now become fashion shows and places where lust is exchanged. This is as, it seems that most female pupils barely ever dress appropriately to school. One is free to wonder whether parents, especially mothers, cry out for their daughters.

As according to pictures made publicly available all over social media in the past couple of years, it is safe to say that neatness has been replaced with sexuality. A number of school girls now prefer styling their uniform the same way they would, their mini-skirts. Moreover, many have adopted adult characteristics and aspects upon themselves, like bold lipsticks and weaves (at school) unknowingly sexualizing themselves. Weaves and bold lipsticks are not bad at all. However, it is the place and time that matter.

One may ask, whatever happened to neatness and diligent modesty? Many would agree that school is not the place for mini skirts, weaves and eyelashes.

School ought to be school and clubs ought to be clubs. The trend of school girls sexualizing themselves ought to come to an end, for school is not the place to flaunt bodies and make others gawk. It is a place to learn and leave better equipped……Sée Móre

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