How Ibb’s Childhood Friend Gen, Vatsa Was Executed

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On March 5, 1986, Major General Mamman Jiya Vatsa was executed by a firing squad along with 13 other military officers. This execution followed a guilty verdict for treason delivered by a military tribunal led by General Idio-Mu. Vatsa, a childhood friend of the then Military President, General Ibrahim Babangida, faced allegations of plotting and financing a coup.

The sequence of events leading to Vatsa’s arrest began on December 23, 1985. Late that night, Vatsa, who was the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory and a member of the Armed Forces Ruling Council, received a call from Babangida inviting him to Dodan Barracks. His wife, Yufiya, advised against going due to the late hour. Before he could make a decision, Lt. Col. U.K. Bello arrived with a squad of soldiers, surrounding Vatsa’s residence and effectively placing him under arrest.

Vatsa was subsequently accused of treason, specifically being involved in a coup plot and donating money to fund it. This was despite Vatsa being known as the first senior officer to denounce an earlier coup attempt led by Colonel Dimka. Vatsa’s close personal relationship with Babangida, which included being classmates at Government College, Bida, and military colleagues, did not save him. His wife, Yufiya, attempted to mediate between her husband and Babangida but was unsuccessful.

Following the tribunal’s verdict, Vatsa and the other convicted officers were sentenced to death. The executions were carried out amidst widespread public condemnation, partly because of Vatsa’s reputation as a respected poet and writer. Despite the personal history and efforts to appeal to their past friendship, Babangida’s government maintained a firm stance on dealing with treason, showing no leniency.

Vatsa’s military career began with his graduation from the Nigerian Military Training College in 1962, followed by training at the India Military Academy, where he became a Second Lieutenant. His military involvement included participation in the counter-coup of July 1966, aimed at avenging the earlier coup of January 1966. During this period, he served at the 4th Battalion in Ibadan, where Major General Aguyi Ironsi and Lt-Col Fajuyi were killed….Fínd Out Móre

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